How To Travel With Wet Paintings

 I created my little spacers out of a need for a quick and easy way, to carry wet paintings from workshops or in the field,without carrying a separate pochade box. These take only minutes to make, cost pennies, and can be used with paintings on panels or stretched canvas. I carry several in a box with my other materials...they've never let me down.
Materials-1"x 2" strips of cardboard, hot glue gun, 10 tacks per spacer

step 1- poke 5 tacks into each cardboard strip, make sure the tacks go through the cardboard and stick out the other side pretty well.
step 2- put a good amount of hotglue onto the head side of one cardboard piece & sandwich the 2 together.The glue will also serve to stiffen the cardboard quite a bit.
Here is a pic of the little spacers with all the pointy parts sticking out. If you want more of the pin points exposed, use matboard strips, instead of cardboard.
step 4-when you are ready to pack your wet paintings, lay 4 spacers onto the face of one painting.

step 5- now lay the second wet painting  face down onto the points of the spacers and tape each side down to make a wet painting sandwich. You can stack several, of varying sizes, together and then put them all in a plastic bag. Put the whole package in your luggage or travel pack.My paintings have always come home in great shape! The points are just enough to keep everything separated and still make a small neat package. Let me know how they work for you ...pass it on !
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