Artists Helping Artists - lists and links- "Filling Your Creative Well"

Artists Helping Artists - Filling Your Creative Well- links and lists

Instructional DVDs- a few artist favorites -
Richard Schmid Paints the Landscape – my pic
Quang Ho – Nut & Bolts   / Kathy Cousart’s fav
Peggy Kroll Roberts – any and all of them / Kathy Cousart & Julie Oliver
Daniel Keys – Summer Fruit , several recommends.
Scott Christensen -
David Kassan – Painting a Life

Excellent Videos –YouTube
Jeffrey Watts- gouache studies,
Sean Cheetam – portrait demo
David Gray – painting the portrait, grisaille & glazing
Gabor Svagrik –several excellent direct painting approach
Gregg Kreutz – fabulous figure/portrait demo at the NY art students league

Movie list-
Exit From the Gift Shop, graffiti, creativity, marketing magic and fun!
Lust for Life- the classic about Vincent Van Gogh played by Kirk Douglas
The Agony and the Ecstasy- another classic, this one about Michelangelo creating the Sistine Ceiling
Frida – about artist Frida Khalo
Pollock – artist Jackson Pollock ,played by Ed Harris
Renoir – photographed in a way that helps you visualize perfectly the paintings Renoir created in the French countryside.
Girl With the Pearl Earring – haven’t seen it, keep hearing it’s good
Bill Cunningham- a documentary about fashion photographer on the streets of NY.
Vincent & Theo – about the relationship between Van Gogh and his brother
National Gallery – a documentary about London’s National Gallery, an their extensive collection
Cezanne in Provence – a PBS documentary

1.     Inspirational and Fun Websites
Some of these sites are for working out ideas and some are visual resources.
Color Palette Generator does just that. You upload the photo of your choice and get a basic color palette to work from.
The Painting Ideas Machine – fun way to get you thinking out of the box!

Design Seeds – more color palettes, but you get to choose photo themes along with colors – a digital colorwheel – hundreds of figures posed at different angles for artists as drawing resources. – royalty free photos to use in your art
Tucson Art Academy – if you don’t have time to travel, check them out, all the classes are now online.
Imprimatura Painting Technique – a detailed step by step painting

2.     Websites and Blogs that are consistently interesting & Helpful
Brenda Swenson  -watercolor artist. She has a wide range of tips, tricks and demos.
Julie Ford Oliver – a fabulous artist and teacher who explores different tools and techniques in creative ways……I love that she is never stingy with the information and carries on a great dialogue with her followers
David Gray – beautiful and classic painting techniques demonstrated and fully explained
Art Biz Blog- more marketing info for every artist
Dreama Tolle Perry – travelling with paints link
Art ID Blog – more info for artists and selling
Easel Notes and Fresh Paint by Becky Joy – a wide variety of tutorials about oil painting
Liz Wiltzen- many good lessons and tips and her black and white planning work is excellent
The Incredible Art Department –  every art teacher knows or should know about this constantly changing resource for lesson plans and fun with art with students of every age…. just excellent!
Making A Mark writer and artist Katherine Tyrell writes about artists and art. Her blog includes many resources for artists as well.
Empty Easel – every week has a newly posted list for a variety of ‘art help’ subjects
Scottsdale Art School  -  sign up to receive their workshop catalog, it’s always excellent to browse through. process, discussion and demos
Fine Art Tips – with Lori McNee
The Art Room -  artist highlights and interviews
Lines and Colors – a large variety of media and artists covered daily.
Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon – several step by step painting demos
Art Journaling- some sites to get you started (there are a lot of interesting examples online)
Art – how to get started with lots of ideas for jumping off points
Kristal Norton – journaling 101
The Technique Zone – ways to combine media in journaling

50 Art Journal Prompts – suggestions as jumping off points. 
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Diana Nadal said...

Mary: I really enjoyed listening to AHA this morning with you and Leslie on "Filling Your Creative Well." I learned a lot and am very excited to check out the lists which you so kindly have posted. Your generosity in doing this is very appreciated. Have a great, inspired painting day.

Artist Flynn Gentry-Taylor said...

I enjoyed it also, thank you Flynn3

Alecia Schmitz said...

Thank you for taking the time to list all these references. The show was so engaging I couldn't pause to stop and write them all down. Very much appreciated!!