Saturday, July 8, 2017

Italian Jar and Sunflowers

Italian Jar & Sunflowers       2" x 9"      oil

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Ireland and Scotland. I hope to soon have the time to paint from the photos I brought back from the beautiful landscapes there. Meanwhile, this is a painting I finished just before we left, but I ran out of time to post. It is one of my favorite Italian pottery pieces and always competes with any flower I use in it.
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hmuxo said...

Beautiful!!!!! I love the colors and perfect shadows!!!!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Love the wonderful colors and brushwork, Mary. Love the Italian jug and instead of competing I like to think it moves the color around the painting!
Can't wait to see what you paint from your trip.
Did you fish over there?

mary maxam said...

Thanks Hilda I did 'go for it' on the color!

mary maxam said...

Thank you Julie, I like that interpretation and hope the color does 'lead the eye. I am looking forward to painting some of the Ireland and Scotland landscape and would love to go explore more of the UK.