Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fenced In Hollyhocks

Fenced In Hollyhocks          10" x 8"       oil

One of my favorite subjects to paint. I really needed to turn to a favorite for this one. It continues to amaze me that after years of painting, I've learned that time away from the easel creates a kind of creative blindness when I begin again. I can still feel like a newbie at the easel if I  haven't had the opportunity to paint everyday. One of the ways I get back into the swing of things is with a comfortable favorite subject like this one. Colorful and splashy...

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1 comment:

John Simlett said...

I thought that 'Newbie' thing was just me. I went back to Acrylics for the current painting and struggled to cope with them at first.

Love the Hollyhocks, so English Country Cottage garden (although every nationality will have their own thoughts on that), another wonderful painting