Sunday, March 26, 2017

Blue Fly Shadows

Blue Fly Shadows              14" x 11"               oil
A familiar image again, but this time I did try something a little different in the process. I typically work on a light wash of cad. red or sienna in order to have a warm background to let color bounce off of. In this case I used a light gray background mixed from white and a bit of black gesso. this certainly shows up your values clearly and it was an interesting way to work. I sketched out the scene in cad red medium before beginning to lay in larger color masses. I liked the result and will definitely use the same approach again.

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John Simlett said...

Great technique and it paid off. I often use a burnt sienna ground for the same purpose.

Another great painting!

Helen Moreda said...

I also love to work with tones canvas and draw basics in with another color. It gives great light and helps with texture. This one is so interesting. Lively. Love it.