Saturday, February 11, 2017

Paintbrush Hillside

Paintbrush Hillside   oil    20" x 10"

This is a painting from Rainier National Park. The Indian Paintbrush had started to bloom and looking up this hillside gave a lovely path of red through deep greens. It's one of my favorite color schemes....

I'm asking a few tech questions in this post, so if any of you have answers, or have had problems with the same issues, please weigh in.

1. I'd like to reply directly to blog comments, but often find that Blogger won't post my comment. Sometimes it works out, but usually my reply comment disappears! I have looked at settings but can't seem to figure out what I'm missing.

2. I used to get an email notification that someone has made a blog comment. But in the last several months it rarely happens. I typically have to go back and check my last post to see if anyone has left a comment.

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John Simlett said...

I love this palette you use so wonderfully - great painting.

Your problems:
1. Quite often we forget to hit the 'Publish' button or click on the 'sign out' button in error. As we don't mean to do these errors, we seldom notice the mistake.

2 (a) Open your blog and select 'design' from the top right hand corner of the screen
(b) Select 'Settings' from the column on the left
(c) Select 'Posts, Comments and sharing' (from the exposed settings menu)
(d) Three columns across (to the right) you will find 'Email moderation requests to' with a box below it. Make sure your email address is shown in this box - if it isn't, then type it in.

Hope this helps to solve problems, Mary

John Simlett said...

As my last comment appeared straight away, I can see you don't have moderation switched on, and therefore will never be notified of a posting.


Follow the instructions 2 (a) (b) & (c) then find "Who can comment?"
in the middle column. To the right of this it gives you the choice of who you will allow to comment (copied below)

Anyone - includes Anonymous Users
Registered User - includes OpenID
User with Google Accounts
Only members of this blog

Click on the little circle to the left of your selection (it will turn black)

NEXT it asks if you want to moderate (see below)

Comment Moderation ?


Your done.......phew! It's easier to do than to explain :))

hmuxo said...

I love this painting Mary! You have a beautiful style of painting. I made a copy of John's comment in case I ever have a problem...

Chris Lally said...

Can't offer any help with your tech problems, but I can offer a big "awesome" to your beautiful painting!