Saturday, February 18, 2017

In the Shadows - Auction

In The Shadows 
Here's another painting I've just listed with Daily Paintworks Auctions.... see the details HERE

Once again thank you to John Simlett for his suggestions on how I might fix a couple Blogger issues I've been having regarding comments. My latest research tells me that the inline reply button on the blog can be 'broken' and not read correctly. Unfortunately, the fix is to change some of the html code and I am not feeling enough confidence to do so. On my second issue, since I receive some comment notifications by email but not all, I have concluded this is something to do with Google + and/or Google Circles. I do not receive notification for those in G Plus. However, my solution is to check in more frequently and accept the vagaries of technology! Pin It


  1. So beautiful, Mary. I especially love the beautiful colors you have on the tree trunks.
    I nearly fell over when I discovered by accident all blogger comment emails go right into my gmail trash, Easy now I just check trash daily.

  2. No problem, Mary, just wish I'd fixed your 'bugs'.

    Another wonderful painting you mix colours to die for!

  3. This is beautifully painted Mary! I especially love the splashes of blue in the trees.. I'm glad John was able to help in fixing your problems with emails... If it wasn't for my Nephew, I wouldn't have a blog! I have a hard head BUT....I'm learning everyday!!! Lol

  4. So sorry you've been having these problems with Blogger, Mary, but at least that doesn't affect your ability to post these beautiful paintings. Lucky us!!

  5. Oh Mary, such beautiful greens. So different, each and every one. I hope your blogging life runs more smoothly......we would rather paint, yes?


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