Monday, February 6, 2017

Chicken With Fruit

Chicken And Fruit   oil     10" x 8"

I almost titled this Lemon Chicken, but that's one of our 'go to' dinners, and it didn't seem very kind to the chicken! Chicken with Fruit still sounds like a recipe but......oh well...ii wasn't too creative with a title on this one.
This is from late fall, just before we started getting snow in November. There is a small farm nearby where I went to take some photos of chickens, goats and whatever was scratching around the yard. They had thrown a lot of lemons and oranges onto the ground for all their menagerie, and it made the whole scene extra colorful.

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John Simlett said...

It's hard to keep separate live chicken from chicken meals (lamb is worse). Nevertheless, It's a 'finger licking" great painting.

Note your reference to snow in November.... funny old world, but here in Fishguard, UK, we are almost 10 degrees North of you but haven't had snow in 7 years!!! The rest of the UK has, but we stick out into the Atlantic on a tiny peninsula.

hmuxo said...

Awesome painting Mary! Love your brush work!!!!!

Helen Moreda said...

Nice painting Mary. I love that I can feel the softness of the chicken's coat of feathers. Happy, happy.

Pat O'Driscoll said...

I like your color scheme.