Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rocky Reflections

Rocky Reflections                   oil                         9" x 12"

Where does the time go! This time of year makes it especially hard to get to the easel. But, I did today and had fun with this secondary color scheme using violets, greens and orange tones. This is some fly fishing on the Owyhee River.

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  1. Beautiful reflections Mary! There's so many things that get in the way of painting this time of the year! I love the Holidays but I can't wait till it's over...lol

  2. Just found your blog by accident (Via Julie Ford Oliver). Love your work.

    I became a follower, hope you don't mind

  3. Not seen anything for a while but wanted to come over and wish you a marvelous 2017!
    Thanks for all the pleasure your painting brings me.

  4. Hi John and thanks for your comment. I look to visiting your own work

  5. Thanks so much Julie... I've been out of the blog 0 sphere but look forward to catching up with your fabulous paintings! Happy New Year!


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