Saturday, October 29, 2016

Old Faithful- Yellowstone Park Centennial

Old Faithful                            10" x 8"                       oil on linen

This was a particularly great year to visit Yellowstone Park due to the Centennial celebration. We went at the end of September and the park was showing great early fall color. I have seen the Old Faithful eruption several times on this and in a past visit. But, this one was particularly good because the breeze seemed to carry the spray even higher and further than usual. It's always a fun experience. 

I like watching the crowd that gathers and waits for the show and the color makes for nice contrast in the landscape. Then, of course I wanted to create the fullness of the eruption and transparency as the plume falls and wafts off into the sky. 

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hmuxo said...

Such a great place to visit and I love watching everyones expression as well! You did an amazing job with this....the crowd watching was perfect! We did a lot of hiking there!

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Love the brushwork in the geyser, this view makes you you feel like you are a part of the crowd.
Nice painting Mary.