Saturday, October 1, 2016

O'Dell Spring Creek

    O'Dell Spring Creek                                        oil on linen panel                                     9" x 12"

Back from travels now and this one is from O'Dell Spring Creek, in Ennis, Montana. It's always a little difficult to paint again after a break, something that continues to surprise me even after many years of painting. This one for example, is a thicker application of  paint than I usually use. I'll have to remind myself again of my more familiar approach, using thinner washes in the beginning stages.
Time and patience should get me there.....

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  1. Wow beautiful �� �� �� �� after a break but marvellous work!!! ��

  2. Actually, I like the thicker paint Mary! this is a beautiful piece... I hope you had a wonderful break..

  3. Great job. I am taken with how important the horizontals in the lower section are to your composition. Really nice. I would love to be there!


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