Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Twin Bridges Hollyhocks- plein aire in Montana

Twin Bridges Hollyhocks         12" x 9"       oil on panel

My posts have been erratic lately due to summer travels and projects. Today is another switch-up with a painting I did on our recent trip to Montana. We stayed near the town of Twin Bridges and it has some fun old buildings. But, the main thing I saw in passing through were the Hollyhocks. They are everywhere! The store fronts, parking lots and alleys have great groups of colorful blossoms all over town. 
I loved them and went back to take reference photos and to paint plein aire. This one was painted from the parking lot behind the post office. I'm looking forward to developing more work from the trip.

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hmuxo said...

Another beautiful bouquet Mary!!!! Love the colors! I miss going to Montana....one of my favorite States to visit!