Monday, August 22, 2016

Ruby Springs Montana, Plein Air Paintings

Ruby Spring Greens     11" x 14"     oil on linen

Montana Plein Air     8" x 10"       oil on linen

Today I am posting 2 paintings from a couple weeks ago. Painting was on the back burner last week,  but I realized I hadn't shown these two plein air works that I'd done when we were in Montana.

view on my website - Montana Plein Air

view on my website - Ruby Spring Greens

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Victor Errington said...

Both paintings beautiful Mary. All the best .

hmuxo said...

Excellent paintings Mary!

Gayle said...

Oh I love the fluid brush strokes and colors. Catapults me right into the scenery and can feel the tall grass undulating on the river bank! I'm always amazed at the immediacy of plein air paintings. Thank you Mary for this pleasant experience.

Helen Moreda said...

Hi Mary. Ruby Springs is my favorite although they are both lovely. I really like how the solitude of the water matches the solitude of the mountain. Glad you posted these.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

These are wonderful, Mary...
two very captivating paintings.
I love the energy in both. painting plein air really works for you.
Lucky gal!