Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Bend

Big Bend    12" x 36"  oil on stretched canvas

Big Bend (detail)

I've been wanting to use a different format for awhile and I decided this extra long canvas would fit the bill. I used the fishing line and water line to really emphasize the length and then tried to used foliage with the same intent. This was very fun to paint. As I got into it, I pushed color toward a sense of atmosphere rather than accuracy. I'm planning to work with another long format soon in a vertical.

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hmuxo said...

Love the size of this painting Mary! Perfect for this beautiful painting! LOVE the colors and awesome light! 💕

Helen H Trachy said...

This looks very nice with all those nature's vivid colors, and I like the idea of a vertical painting also. Will be back to see this! :)

Julie Ford Oliver said...

What a fabulous way to emphasize the cast line. This is a beautiful painting, Mary, and the colors are what my heart responds to first.
When I read Big Bend I thought it was a beautiful National Park about 250 miles from me. Then I saw the green! Lol.
Have s great week.