Saturday, April 30, 2016


Reverie            14" x 11"     oil on linen panel

I painted roses yesterday which I will post that one soon, But today, I used my niece as inspiration again for this portrait. I had a lot of fun with it and used one of my favorite palettes of alizarin crimson, turqoise and ochre. I toned the panel first with a very thin coat of cad. red. I did a brush drawing first, then went ahead and started laying in color areas for the heair, background, face and scarf.

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hmuxo said...

WOW! This is SO outstanding Mary!!!! I LOVE this portrait!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

You have a special way with the figure, Mary, managing to get them looking very relaxed and natural in their space. I am drawn to her eye even though it is a profile. Then I love the backlighting in her hair. Your palette is one I have not tried so will give it a go. I like the results.