Saturday, March 19, 2016

Owyhee Spring

Owyhee Spring                                           oil                        Mary Maxam

Here are a few of the spring greens showing up around the Owyhee River. I used a wash of Terra Rosa and Viridian to tone down the white of the canvas. Then I did a brush drawing of the basic shapes, blocked in darks, middle tones and worked up to the lightest values. Pretty straightforward overall.

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hmuxo said...

WOW!!! Beautiful painting, Mary.

Carol Flatt said...

I love the shapes in the hills, Mary. Rather unique hills and dales. Your sky, also, is so lovely. You have such a talent!

Victor Errington said...

You have done it again Mary. Brilliant. All the best.

SMV said...

Straightforward maybe, Mary, but what a result! I can even here the water in that stream. Wonderful painting!