Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shimmer - Light On The Water

              Shimmer                oil on linen panel          9" x 12"

This one is about the light. I did use a fisherman as a bit of interest in the water and to break up the horizontal plane. But, the fun part was creating those barely warm sparks of light shimmering on top the dark water.

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  1. The light reflecting in the water is a definite winner..Beautiful work Mary!!!!! 💕

  2. The reflecting like is what attracted me right away. Truly sparkles.

  3. Wow! Your talents amaze me time after time! I've seen this blinding light on water many times, but can't imagine capturing it as you have here. Its glorious! What a treat this morning to see this on my screen!

  4. Mary you did indeed capture that blazing light! And I personally think the fisherman is necessary. He completes the picture and adds depth.

  5. Hi Mary.
    First class Painting. That light is fantastic. All the best.


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