Monday, February 8, 2016

Shadow Falls Revisited

    Shadow Falls Revisited      oil on linen     10" x 8"

Thanks to those who commented about using Zest-It in my last post. I haven't made an order yet and am continuing to use walnut oil, as with this one today. 

This is a falls in North Idaho and from and old photo source. I began to look at a couple of boxes of photos (pre-digital) with the intention of clearing out and tossing many of them....... but as you see I get side-tracked. I find that they appeal as much as they ever did, sometimes for different reasons. Maybe we are hard wired to be drawn repeatedly to similar shapes, colors and contrasts of light and dark even over many years. Perhaps that becomes what we eventually call our painting style.
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hmuxo said...

Absolutely beautiful Mary! I could look at this over and over! I've been catching up slowly and I love your winter barn...a very favorite subject for me...beautiful colors and textures....

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Gorgeous...I love this one Mary.
You raise an interesting point.
The same reason we still like our old photos
may be the reason we like some artist's work
more than others. I certainly respond to how
you paint and what you paint.

Susan Swiderski said...

Nice job on the water fall. I've been wanting to paint one but I have never tried. You are indeed an inspiration!

Carol Flatt said...

This painting is just stunning, Mary. It reminds me so much of the Olympic National Forest in Washington State. Everything is so dense and so green. It's beautiful! You have captured that density and color perfectly!