Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cougar Gulch, Barn In Winter

Cougar Gulch, Barn In Winter        8" x 10"                 oil

This barn is one of my all time favorites for it's angles and the way it sets back into the trees. It is in North Idaho and we used to pass it every day on our way home. It always seemed to have blue shadows and a sort of quiet about it, regardless of the time of year. I have always enjoyed painting and drawing it and today was no exception.

In a side note, I have ordered Zest-It (available in the UK, not the US) and will let you know how I like it ,as a replacement for mineral spirits.

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

A stunner of a painting, Mary. All the angles show you know your perspective.
I have to say that it is the warm and cool colors that I respond to -
they grabbed me as soon as I saw this one. The slice of warm colored ground linking into the sun hitting the side of the barn - fabulous!
I will be looking forward to hearing about the Zest -it
I had a professional conservator/artist tell me she was very dubious about it.
thats the trouble - you hear different opinions.

Victor Errington said...

Mary, Fantastic. A really lovely painting. More of this type please. All the best.

hmuxo said...

FANTASTIC painting Mary. I love everything about this one!!!!

Carol Flatt said...

I can see why this barn is a favorite of yours, Mary. It just nestles itself in there, doesn't it?! Love the bits of light hitting the edges of the roof and that big patch of light in front of the barn. The shadows are deep providing wonderful contrast. A real beauty of a painting!

Chris Lally said...

This barn might be one of your all time favorites, but this painting is one of mine! It is simply breathtaking, Mary! Wowwwwwwww!