Tuesday, February 2, 2016

At Home On The Range, more solvent-free painting

At Home On The Range               12" x 12"               oil on linen

What is it with cows? We love watching them, as they watch us, and they are always fun to paint. I've painted these two before and always like the feeling of friendship they seem to portray. 

This is another foray into solvent-free painting. I'm using walnut oil and walnut alkyd medium once again. I have no problem finding many solutions to cleaning brushes at the end of a painting session. But, I would like to be able to thin paint a bit more that various oils allow. Zest-It has been suggested to me a couple  times, and I see that it is available on the Rosemary Brushes website. Does anyone out there have experience with using it? I also like various other mediums such as Gamblin's solvent free gel, which I do like very much, but again it is for thicker paint feel.

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  1. I enjoy the way these two look "best friends" and I like the joyful colors very much.
    Please let us know about the Zest-it stuff. I am interested but admit to I being concerned about it not having a good binder action (long term) if thinning the paint too much.

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks much. You have named the exact issue I am concerned about, it will be hard for me to be really confident but more research might help..... I'm trying to be patient with it all....

  3. Nice painting Mary. The Cows are wonderful. All the best.

  4. I commented on your other post about Zest it, I've been using for a year now so I am not sure that is "long term" enough. Haven't had any problems yet.... I learnt about Zest it from Dreama Tolle Perry, I am sure she has a lot more experience with it than myself. :) Curious to know more about your research though.

  5. I just had these same questions about Zest-It and posted them yesterday to a facebook page called "Painting Best Practices". If you go there, you can see the responses I had (original post, 2/4/2016). Seems like the longevity of paint films made with citrus-based solvents is unknown, but the thought is that there may be future problems because they don't evaporate or oxidize like traditional solvents. I purchased a couple of bottles from Rosemary and really like the way it works (and the smell, which is like oranges). However, now I think I might go back to using Gamsol for the initial thin block-in. After that, I usually have no problem just using paint straight from the tube, adding only a little linseed oil if it seems too stiff. Might have to use the remaining Zest-It for washing brushes :(

  6. Really nice painting. I love the color harmony!

  7. Oh my!! I LOVE this one! That foreground with its upward sweep and bits of color leads my eye right up to the cows. Beautiful composition. Superb rendering!


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