Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quiet Afternoon

Quiet Afternoon                    8" x 10"                         oil on panel

A painting will sometimes dictate where it's going at times, and that was the way with this one. I had in mind something with a bit more spark and contrast to it. But, as I worked with close values in the sky, I realized it was more about just looking out to enjoy a peaceful place and appreciating  quiet afternoon.

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  1. So true Mary. Wish I was sitting on that mountain side. And I could just get lost in the sky........

  2. You make your clouds appear as if they are moving - same as when you paint water. This one is wonderful, Mary and love the flecks of warm peeping through.

  3. Lovely painting Mary.All the best.

  4. So, so true! Sometimes paintings just have a mind of their own! I sometimes start with a certain idea in mind but end up with something very different from that initial concept. I like the colours in this landscape and how you showed distance and scale!

  5. Nice work, dramatic sky, conveys stillness, peace, harmony so successful that composition is a remarkable work.

  6. Wonderful sky, great variation in clouds and brush marks.


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