Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Garden Plans

Garden Plans                      12" x  9"      oil

So here I go again, trying to push forward to spring..... in my mind anyway. This is from one of my favorite photo resources from the past. I have used it before but feel I was more successful here in keeping a busy scene tamed. I tried for direction lines and values that would guide the viewer toward the garden shopper.

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  1. Love it all. Great little painting!

  2. I did do a comment but just in case it didn't go through I wanted you to know
    i am green with envy at the ease you produce fabulous greens. This is a gem of a painting.

  3. Please! Push forward to spring! You've succeeded in what you were attempting to do. What a beauty!!

  4. Love it! Love the story, the palette and the freshness of this painting! Thank you for sharing!


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