Saturday, January 9, 2016

Almost Heaven - Fly Fishing on the Big Horn River

Almost Heaven                           9" x 12"                                oil

It seems like the minute the calendar turns over to the new year, I am thinking about colors of spring and summer! Go figure....I think it is my way of moving forward and refusing to be 'stuck' in  that 'winter' place. This is from a series of photos I took on the Big Horn river last summer. I pushed the color, but tried to keep the values in their place. Sometimes water can have so much happening that it can be a bit confusing, but I insisted those values would not boss me around by keeping to a value plan!.... a good resolution perhaps..

Happy New Year!

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hmuxo said...

The vibrant colors and perfect movement in the water is wonderful Mary! I am looking forward to Spring SO much as well!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Great timing to lift the winter blahs and remind us what is ahead.
I really like the movement and colors in this one, Mary. Especially the color of his shirt!

Celeste Bergin said...

Haha..."don't let values boss you around"! I can see that on a tee shirt. You are so good at keeping everything where it should be. What a lovely scene!

Chris Lally said...

More Maxam magic!!!