Monday, November 30, 2015

Colors At The End Of The Day

Colors At The End Of The Day   40" x 30" oil

I finished this one today and the size did have me taking extra time and stepping back quite a lot for the long view. While I'd used this shot before, this time I played much more with a kind of shimmering color effect with a lot of broken color strokes. I am posting some of those details shots as well. It is already sold, but it can be seen on my website.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Lost In Blue

    Lost In Blue                       oil on linen                        8" x 10"
Yesterday, I continued to mull over the band of light that I wanted to add to the trees in my last post. And, after Julie Ford Oliver's energetic comment "go for it!" there was no holding back. I posted the adjustment in my last post and on my website.

Today, I worked with a particularly simple value scheme. The dark masses I kept in the 6,7 range but the lights are all in the 2,3 range for a lot of contrast.
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

River Gold

     River Gold                12" x 18"                oil on linen panel

This is a great stand of Cottonwood trees along the Boise River as it passes through Eagle. I am quite sure I haven't done it justice but the story I wanted to tell was simply about this beautiful gold band of color against blue sky. I painted just a suggestion of a few birds for some motion though you probably can't see them unless you take in the larger view. 

I would like to try another view of this and perhaps have a more distinct band of lighting in the tops of the trees. It lends itself to many interpretations, so how can a painter go wrong? 

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Golden - fall color, how time flies!

     Golden                    oil              24" x 18"

This is a painting I actually started last fall. But I'd gotten lost in all the wonderful color of the entire forest and the story I wanted to tell got lost as well. So, I put it away and it wasn't until it was unearthed recently that I saw a clear path. The whole idea was to say something about this wonderful bright light in the forest, all on it's own. 
I mixed glazes using Gamblin Solvent Free Gel with some of the shadow colors that were grayed down. I then painted all the muddled middle values that confused the whole composition and toned them way down. I'm much happier now with this single statement of color and subject!
This was a definite case about less being more!

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