Saturday, November 14, 2015

River Gold

     River Gold                12" x 18"                oil on linen panel

This is a great stand of Cottonwood trees along the Boise River as it passes through Eagle. I am quite sure I haven't done it justice but the story I wanted to tell was simply about this beautiful gold band of color against blue sky. I painted just a suggestion of a few birds for some motion though you probably can't see them unless you take in the larger view. 

I would like to try another view of this and perhaps have a more distinct band of lighting in the tops of the trees. It lends itself to many interpretations, so how can a painter go wrong? 

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

What a rich and glorious band of trees. I love the complimentary blue sky. I think it would be very dramatic to have a band of light hit the top of the trees. It would be magic with your brush. Go for it, my friend, and I will look forward to seeing it.

Helen Moreda said...

A painter can't and you didn't. The intensity of your colors just makes the painting magic. Lovely.

Carol Flatt said...

Beautifully rendered, Mary, and a perfect title as well! Cottonwoods certainly put on a show, don't they? And, you have captured it so well.