Monday, November 16, 2015

Lost In Blue

    Lost In Blue                       oil on linen                        8" x 10"
Yesterday, I continued to mull over the band of light that I wanted to add to the trees in my last post. And, after Julie Ford Oliver's energetic comment "go for it!" there was no holding back. I posted the adjustment in my last post and on my website.

Today, I worked with a particularly simple value scheme. The dark masses I kept in the 6,7 range but the lights are all in the 2,3 range for a lot of contrast.
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Julie Ford Oliver said...

Another wonderful painting - you are consistently painting these wonderful riverscapes...and I have to you ever have to work through wipers? I know you fish so you have time to observe all the ways that light his the water's movement etc. I wonder if memory takes over from the photo?
I checked out your website to see and really enjoyed seeing the Cottonwoods.

Carol Flatt said...

Indeed, what wonderful contrast, Mary. Very stunning! If I squint my eyes you've got an almost perfect two value notan. I'd like to try that idea!

Celeste Bergin said...

Just wonderful! So clever of you to not go "too dark" in your darks! Bravo!

mary maxam said...

I absolutely do work through wipers Julie, just as we all do! And, while I rarely fish, I do go fishing and I just sketch, take photos, and keep an eye on the light,water and fly fishers. I definitely let 'memory mode' take over a fair amount.

Carol take a look at this blog post by Liz Wiltzen for a great report on use of values.

Susan Swiderski said...

Hi Mary, nice painting! I love the colors and movement in this. It is really great! I'm in Scottsdale right now! Today is my last day in a portraiture class with Daniel Keys!! I so love it here. I

mary maxam said...

Thanks Susan :) I am so excited for you!! That is one of my favorite places too and I do hope you have a wonderful week. Daniel Keys is a good teacher and it will be a lot to take in so eat your Wheaties! haha, Mary

Helen Moreda said...

What a wonderful result you got. This painting reflects for me the quietness and peace that can be achieved riverside. It is gentle and flowing and for me has the perfect blending of values!