Sunday, November 8, 2015

Golden - fall color, how time flies!

     Golden                    oil              24" x 18"

This is a painting I actually started last fall. But I'd gotten lost in all the wonderful color of the entire forest and the story I wanted to tell got lost as well. So, I put it away and it wasn't until it was unearthed recently that I saw a clear path. The whole idea was to say something about this wonderful bright light in the forest, all on it's own. 
I mixed glazes using Gamblin Solvent Free Gel with some of the shadow colors that were grayed down. I then painted all the muddled middle values that confused the whole composition and toned them way down. I'm much happier now with this single statement of color and subject!
This was a definite case about less being more!

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hmuxo said...

Awesome painting Mary. The golden tree is beautiful!!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

The beautiful neutrals in the background make the star of the show have an extra glow. Really expertly handled, Mary.
How do you like the gel? I have been using it and enjoy the consistancy very much. Trouble is the sheen makes it hard to photograph. Any hints?

Carol Flatt said...

Beautiful, Mary. I love that little tree!

I echo what Julie said. that the lovely neutrals endorse and heighten the beauty of the golden tree.

mary maxam said...

Hi Julie, I do like the Solvent free gel very much but when I want something thinner, I've been using walnut oil. They both make it harder to photograph a painting, due to the shiny surface, especially in the darks. I took about 10 or 12 shots of this painting before getting a good one. I tend to move the painting to different corners of my studio until I can rid myself of any direct light. Wish I had a good answer for this issue!

Pat O'Driscoll said...

A little says a lot. Its amazing how our emotions are touched when we see something like this.
Nice job Mary.