Sunday, October 18, 2015

For The Birds

For The Birds          16" x 12"       oil on panel

I am so thankful for all my collectors, but after eight commissions, I am looking forward to painting for myself in the next few weeks. This is from our friend's garden. They have created a true oasis in their perfect backyard space. Their hard work has paid off beautifully with color and fun artistic corners everywhere. As always, the sunflowers caught my eye. And, Alison let me know that, while they weren't a big challenge to grow, they always plant them "for the birds" which I thought was a perfect title. 

I'll need to mull this one over for awhile and possibly knock down some of the brushwork. So, though it's currently not for sale, you can see the Larger View On My Website.

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  1. Very beautiful Mary. I love the house Peeking out in the background! Nice work.

  2. Six commissions.... I understand how you must feel getting back to your own creative vision.
    Your painting is glowing with beauty.
    it makes me feel full of happy feelings.
    I love the colors and knowing the birds are having a feast.

  3. Love your friend's soft spot for the birds and the sweet title of the painting. It is truly beautiful, Mary.

  4. Mary, you certainly came back with a show-stopper! I think all aspects are beautifully done. I'm really drawn to the green/blue foliage. The combination of those colors with yellow is attention-getting!

  5. Lovely palette! It's really beautiful. Your painting is amazing. Thanks for sharing!


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