Saturday, September 5, 2015

Evening Sky

Evening Sky                        oil on linen                         9" x 9"
Got my head back into a little color today and painted this simple evening sky and water landscape.

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  1. Beautiful colors in this Evening sky!!

  2. Hi Mary.
    Nice painting, nice balance. All the best.

  3. Beautiful Mary. I love the lightest light......on the meadow behind the trees. Great.

  4. Beautiful, Mary! Love the glow in the water. Heaven must have colors like these. The proportions are superb such as the trees to the sky and the sky to the water.

  5. I add another 'beautiful" to the list, Mary. It really is.
    I love it when the sky comes down into the land through water and no one paints the rivers like you do.

  6. Lovely! I saw your beautiful large painting at the MAC today when I dropped off pieces for the upcoming auction gala. I'm sorry I didn't get to see YOU!


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