Monday, September 21, 2015

Coral Bouquet

Coral Bouquet                      8" x 10"                  oil on linen

Life gets so crazy busy sometimes and I find myself neglecting my blog, which is frustrating but I know is a familiar lament for many of us from time to time. I am painting, for some commissioned work and also busy with a bit of travel and family obligations. 

Today though, I took a second look at a painting that I was never quite happy with. The color was lifeless and I couldn't see the resolution. When I am in a bind like that, it helps me to use a limited palette to bring cohesion back to the work. I used cad. lemon, cad yellow dark, cad. red light, alizarin crimson,ultramarine blue and white. Then, I just concentrated on warm and cool  'pieces' of color to create interest. Much better!
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  1. Beautiful painting Mary, everything looks so fresh.

  2. Lovely painting and a great reminder to bring everything back to the basics.
    As always I love your style.,

  3. Bonjour chère Mary,

    Il est parfois difficile dans la vie de tout concilier... Nous aimerions faire vivre notre blog davantage mais le temps nous manque. Je le sens de plus en plus et je ne publie qu'une fois pas semaine !... Je songeais ces derniers temps à ne faire plus qu'une publication tous les 15 jours car tout comme toi, ma vie m'entraîne souvent à peindre plus etc...

    Ce joli bouquet est fantastique. Tes touches de couleurs sont magiques et parcimonieusement bien organisées. J'aime la danse qu'elles procurent. Les fleurs tournent bien ! L'harmonie parfaite !

    Prends bien soin de toi,
    Gros bisous ☼

  4. Mary I love it. So gentle and loving.......if a bouquet can be that, this one is. I also use just the basic colors on my palette. I seems I can get into so much less trouble that way!

  5. Soft and lovely, Mary. I admire your brushwork as always. Would love to look over your shoulder while you work!

  6. It's so beautiful and soft Mary! Lovely colors and I always admire your brushwork. I'ts hard to keep up with blogging, I have got behind, due to painting for an exhibition and haven't had time to look and comment on my favorite blogs!!

  7. A beautiful bouquet Mary.!!! Wonderful colors.


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