Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trio - Bighorn Cottonwoods

   Trio                               oil on linen panel                     8" x 10"  

I'm always attracted to the wonderful variety of shapes in Cottonwood trees, especially old ones like this stand I saw along the Bighorn river. It reminds me that I have not taken advantage of painting along the many beautiful areas along the Boise river since we've been here. It's banks are filled with old growth and beautiful pathways. What is it about getting away that opens ones eyes? 

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  1. What a beautiful painting of the cottonwood trees. One of my fav trees. They follow the Rio Grande river like a magical umbrella of shade here in sunny New Mexico.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Mary! I'm just catching up with all of your paintings....I've missed so much! Love your previous Horn River!

  3. That is so true, Mary. I guess we're tuned in to really "look" for interesting things when we're on vacation because the scenes are different than our "normal" views. And, it DOES carry over to when one gets back home at least for awhile. Your brushwork adds so much to your scenes whether the sky/clouds be emphasized or the land (grasses, trees, etc.)It adds much energy and interest.

  4. Wonderfull,, greeting from Belgium in Mons

  5. Carol, I think you've put it very well! I like the thoughts about 'carry over'. It does, definitely, but then later I need a refresher! haha. Thanks for your kind comments.


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