Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ready To Roll - hay bales, Montana

Ready To Roll                       oil on linen                 8" x 10"
So what else did we see in Montana? Field after field of hay bales under blue skies and quite a green landscape. We had two evenings of rain during the time we were there and it provided wonderful relief from the hot days. I always like the patterns of the mowed hay. It provides great line that helps you point toward and away from various elements. In this case, I used the tilt of the hillside to give it some interest as well.

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Helen Moreda said...

Beautiful Mary. I love the does give the painting added interest. And I am so glad you got to see regular bales. In Oregon we saw so many of the white bales. I am old fashioned!

Victor Errington said...

Fantastic Mary. I have always found Hay Bales hard to paint. All the best.

Chris Lally said...

Love the composition, too - the sway of the dark grasses to the hay bale and then the line out into the background. Makes me feel as if I'm right there. And, of course, it's got that Maxim magic going on. Beautiful, Mary!

Carol Flatt said...

Love this, Mary. The foreground feels so close to the viewer (me) with the big hay bale and tall grasses, and then the scene recedes into the distance. Clever idea to used the lines of the cut hay to guide the eye. I've learned so much from your work and comments!