Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cattle Shadows

Cattle Shadows                          8" x 10"                              oil

Still have the Bighorn river on my mind with these cattle at the river's edge. They were no doubt seeking a little  relief from the hot day and what feels better than wading to cool off the tootsies?

 I blocked in all the shadow areas in a thin mix of pink and coral tones, then drew the shapes and worked with thicker paint right over it all. I used walnut oil on this one, to loosen up the paint a bit. I just put a little puddle on the corner of my palette and dip into it periodically. It's best when I don't use too much, It can get a little too slippery and  does increase drying time otherwise. On the other hand, I like the consistency which is slightly thicker than OMS, but not sticky. 

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  1. The colors in the water are gorgeous. Is that a mixed mauve... also the green color... or tube?

  2. Thanks Julie, The color is just the pink and orange showing underneath the broad stroke of ultra blue (and white) that went over the top. itthe green is y. ochre and pthalo blue but then it takes on another bit of color when it goes over the colored wash again.... I love doing that.

  3. Makes me want to say, "Ah..." Beautiful color palette - love those foreground swipes!!

  4. the other day as we were driving I saw some cattle in the water ---just like this. Beating the heat! We've had a record for hot days here in Oregon. Love the wonderful color choices you make. Thanks for telling us about walnut oil. I do have some here somewhere. Maybe I will try it again. (I remember it as "slippery" too!)

  5. Excellent painting. The colors in the water....reflections all perfect, Mary!

  6. Wonderful colors, Mary. The first thing I saw was the pinks on the cows and then the water patterns - color and directional brushwork. Gorgeous! I'll bet this scene has repeated itself many times through history. The area has always intrigued me. Thank goodness you went to paint it!


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