Sunday, July 19, 2015

Basque Dancer II

    Basque Dancer II   18" x 14"  oil

Basque Dancer II  - detail
I finally had a chance to finish this painting today. I worked with blending some edges, and using more opaque paint in the build up around the face and background. It's always interesting to come back to a work after some time. Every time I walked into my studio for the last few weeks, I'd think a little about how to resolve certain areas and finish. By the time I sat down today, it was mapped out in my head pretty well. It worked for this one anyway!

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

Your beautiful women always pull me in. I really admire your technique with the details. They say a lot without tight rendering.
You explained very well my own response to painting I want to change. I live with them quite a while until I am sure. Even then I often end up wiping the new stuff off!

Carol Flatt said...

I am enthralled with this painting, Mary. The lively brushwork, the texture of the paint and the designs on and folds of the fabric. A real treasure!

hmuxo said...

You have mastered your Basque Dancers, Mary. I love the colors, designs and wonderful texture in this painting!!! Nice work!!