Saturday, June 20, 2015

Unknown Horizon

Unknown Horizon                     8 x 10"                  oil on linen

I am painting again  ...... and today this quote expresses the best strategy for me to move forward through a tough time. Be well.....

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  1. What beautiful spacious skies, Mary! You will be in my thoughts and prayers during your tough time. I hope things will be easier for you soon, whatever the struggles may be.

  2. Hi Mary.
    Beautiful Painting. I hope all is well Mary, if not, i hope it soon will be. All the best.

  3. I could fall into your painting - it's that beautiful! So sorry for your tough time. Wishing you the best.

  4. Wonderful words, Mary, and important advice. Welcome back to blogging. So good to hear from you!

  5. Thank you to all of you who have made such kind comments here and elsewhere. It means a lot to know there is such kindness to help support us all when we need it!

  6. The quote was perfect for that painting. It looks like it's in a storm but hopeful.


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