Thursday, April 16, 2015

Little Falls

Little Falls                      9" x 7.5"            oil
I have several pictures of rocks and water taken over the years. So, it's hard to say where this is from. I go back to them now and then and always find them a peaceful subject to paint, much like being there and watching the water rushing by. 

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  1. Oh - how I love this one, Mary.
    It reminds me of future walks in the woods following the rushing sound of a stream, and when found...sit quietly and be filled with pleasure.

  2. Reminds of a road trip to North Carolina and the drive from Asheville to Highlands. Beautiful painting! Love your brushwork and color palette.

  3. I just love this water scene. How did you manage all those rocks to look so real and without adding too much details? Very good work! So peaceful :)

  4. This one is SO good Mary. I love how you painted the rocks...realistic AND YET!!


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