Sunday, April 26, 2015

Anticipation - fly fishing on the Owyhee River

Anticipation                              oil                                9" x 12"
This is from a picture my husband took while fly fishing with friends this weekend. It's on the Owyhee river. I intensified the turquoise color of the water and used some scratching for the brushy look of the trees. I also took photos of the painting stages along the way. So, tomorrow, I'll post the slideshow demo. 

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  1. Great pose in the fly fisherman Mary, he can feel the fish ready to strike any second.

  2. Just perfection! you caught the gesture and the motion and he caught the fish (I'm sure).

  3. Your fly fishing paintings are in a class of their own. This is a great addition!

  4. You capture so much in your fishermen series, Mary. Not only the figure in action, but the power of the moving water and the sunlight flitting its warmth around. You can tell it is a theme you are familiar with and love.


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