Thursday, March 5, 2015

Green Shutters

Green Shutters                          oil                       8" x 8"
This was a painting I started during the 30 in 30 Challenge in January. It is a scene I came up with from my imagination. But, I couldn't quite see what was wrong until today. Once I added a some yellow to what was essentially a red and green composition, it all came together. The bright warmth lent harmony and the focus that had been missing. It's always a good feeling to figure out another part of a puzzle!
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  1. A gorgeous painting Mary! SO colorful!
    Definitely a winner !

  2. You really pulled it together, Mary. The yellow brings it to life! Bravo!

  3. Totally works! I don't remember what it looked like before but the yellow doesn't look like an afterthought at all, I like it very much!

  4. Brings my eye right there. Definite focus. Good job Mary.

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