Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Fisher

Winter Fisher                    8 x 10"                 oil on linen panel

I've been under the weather lately but managed to do a bit of painting and enjoyed the result with this 'winter fisher'.And, here is a painting hint as well.... I had to wipe out an area of the paint when part of a mix got cloudy. So this time I tried a square of cheese cloth with Gamsol and it came off just great leaving no lint or paper bits behind. Even with my fav Viva paper towels I've had issues when the paint is thicker, so this was a nice little discovery for me. I read about using cheese cloth to oil out a touch dry painting so it gave me this idea which I'll definitely use again.

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Helen Moreda said...

The richness of the brush on the far bank is so captivating. I eye wants to explore that area carefully. Very nice.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful work Mary! Love all the colors in the water...nice work and hope you feel better!!!