Sunday, February 22, 2015

Washday In Paradise

Washday In Paradise                     9" x 9"                 oil
I did this from a picture taken when we were in Hawaii a few years ago. It made me think about how, when in a new place, we notice all sorts of things that seem more mundane at home. Maybe it's the light, or just the fact that we are open to everything being new and wonderful!  Our eyes are somehow refreshed. At any rate, this line of colorful wash under the palms caught my eye
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  1. A refreshing painting Mary. I like the color contrasts. You are so right about being receptive to common place things when in a new place, like having a sharpened sense of wonder.

  2. Colorful wash is great but those palm trees really stand out for me. they are beautifully done and so powerful.

  3. LOVE the palm trees, Mary. Excellent greens... We can all use a bit of that warmth right now!!

  4. Great subject matter, and the bright colors of the laundry bring a perfect jolt of color.


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