Sunday, February 8, 2015

Horse & Cart

Horse & Cart                           8" x 10"                  oil on panel
Another title for this might have been "Where's the Party?" but at any rate it was fun and colorful to put together. I took the reference for this while in Solvang, CA. but added the lantern shapes above, for color and more of a party feel. It is basically structured in brown monochromatic values and I added color that would add a little contrast . I guess I'm still working out of the 30 in 30 challenge to some extent in painting from my imagination!

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  1. Pretty amazing you can pull off something as complex as this beauty. The white horse has such beautiful shadow colors.

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  3. Great feel to this piece, Mary. I love the limited use of color. It adds to the mystery and imagination.

  4. Mary I have thought long and hard about this painting. It is done so very well and I looked to make sure I understood. And I enjoyed. The white horse is clearly defined and you "lost" that beautiful background. It is really a wonderful demonstration piece on how to do it! Just wonderful.

  5. LOVE all the colors in the white horse!!! Beautiful painting!!!


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