Thursday, February 5, 2015

Four Bouys

Four Bouys                      oil on linen panel        8" x 8"

A lot of fun with color today! This is from a pic I took a few years ago in Kodiak, Ak. I was  walking the docks with a friend and all the huge fishing boats gave us great reflections and in this case, some wonderful color from bouys hanging alongside. It is one I've meant to play with for a long time and today must have been the right day because it just felt together..... nice when that happens. 

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  1. So nice when that happens. Beautiful, especially the water. I just really am drawn to it.

  2. I like this one Mary, very clever and colourful. All the best.

  3. Love this painting Mary! Love the colours and the composition, it has a certain abstract feel to it. Well done!

  4. Reflections are everything when painting water and you did such a beautiful job with this. Gorgeous colors!!!

  5. This is lovely, Mary. Your economy of brushstroke is so inspiring!

  6. The shapes and colors in this are wonderful! What talent you have!


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