Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fishing New Water

Fishing New Water                             oil                       8" x 10"
I was inspired by Julie Ford Oliver to use Pthalo blue on my palette today. It's such a strong color and I tried to keep it under control by using a limited triad with it. This was yellow ochre pale, pthalo blue and terra rosa with just a touch of ultramarine blue here and there. This was a good trio for this scene with all the rusty colored grasses and cool light. And, I was reminded of how versatile Pthalo can be in mixing both greens and violets!

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Helen Moreda said...

You and I were both inspired by the same lovely lady. I find that phthalo blue gives a great vitality to a painting. Yours is a great example. Love your strokes and how the palette works for you.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful blues for the water, Mary. Wonderful piece.