Thursday, February 19, 2015

Desert & Sky

Desert and Sky                               oil                              8" x 8"
A simple palette again today while I enjoyed painting the subtleties of this landscape. A blue sky, long ochre grasses and clouds swirling through seemed enough as I played with soft edges and contrast. I wanted to bring the 2 parts together in a better way and I did that by mixing some blue with the grasses. That cooled them and brought them into harmony with the sky. 

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  1. I can feel the movement of this amazing sky! Wonderful work.

  2. Breezy and beautiful , Mary.
    I really love your clouds making such a strong design.

  3. Just lovely. The palette holds it all together as you wanted. Looks like a great place to be........

  4. Beautiful composition and movement to this painting, Mary.

  5. Mary, you have such a gift for painting skies. The wispy clouds, the movement, and the colors all seem so alive! I love the viewpoint you painted this from. It's amazing!


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