Friday, January 16, 2015

Romance Red - 30 in 30 Challenge

Romance Red                          10" x 10"                     oil on linen
I don't have a color on my palette called 'Romance Red', but I could have used it today for this idea. After doing a little shopping today, I was struck with the amount of Valentine's Day items out right now and red roses were in my head as I began to paint. This is more of a graphic style than the blended soft edges of the white roses a few days ago. But, it worked for the strength of the red against dark green for me. 

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  1. SO beautiful, Mary!! Wonderful colors.....

  2. They always look like your paintings no matter graphic or the other way. They truly have a beautiful, emotional quality.

  3. This one really captures the essence of Feb 14. It is beautiful done. Love the softness with just the right amount of hard edges.


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