Sunday, January 4, 2015

Red Birthday Bouquet - 30 in 30 Challenge

Red Birthday Bouquet    oil on panel    8" x 8"

No it's not my birthday, but this is what came 'Outta my head' today for the 30 in 30 Challenge. I was thinking generally about using some bright color to liven up this really overcast and gray day. I didn't draw for this one, but began by patching together color for the inside of the flower mass.

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Kim Smith said...

Beautiful Mary! I absolutely love your idea of out of your head for the challenge. I look forward to seeing your journey!

Celeste Bergin said...

"out of your head"---well, now...don't you have pretty things in your head! I love it. It is lively!

Barbara said...

Beautiful! So loose and fresh! said...

gorgeous, just gorgeous. It's fun finding you on the 30in30. I'm number 10 today,
peace n abundance,

Sea Dean said...

I love the halo effect in this painting. It gives it an ethereal effect.

I'm inviting 30 in 30 participants to also post at my blog ART PARTY. It's not as overwhelming and I have voting and prizes. You're welcome at www. paintamasterpiece. blogspot .com

hmuxo said...

A beautiful painting, Mary.. the colors are so soft!