Friday, January 23, 2015

Pitcher & Pear - #jan30in30 Challenge

Pitcher & Pear        oil on linen         10" x 8"
Celeste Bergin  (fabulous and creative artist) asked in a comment whether I had painted my last post "Idaho Barn" outta' my head in compliance with my theme for the challenge. The answer is yes! But, I did take a long, hard look at the reference photo before I turned off my monitor and made a real effort to concentrate on the abstract shapes. However, today's post is one where I broke away from my theme and I did indeed, set up a little still life to paint from. This is a pitcher that was my mom's with a pear and a jadite plate. I just HAD to break away from the theme and now know, that if I do the challenge in the future....., I will not choose to work with a theme as it can be too frustrating on some days.

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

Simple and lovely. The jug's handle is wonderful.
I understand about a theme. Hard for 30 days so I broke it into 4- week long themes, and that was better. This time no theme and that was better still!
There are so many artists on there anymore that just downloading on Leslie's site is very time consuming. Takes forever. (I admire those waiting to get on at midnight. I am asleep by then. )
I think it must be quicker if you get on fewer people are on it.
That is the part which has been frustrating for me and I hope it can be fixed. You are friends with Leslie so see
if it can....pretty please!

hmuxo said...

You're doing so well with the challenge, Mary. Another wonderful piece...