Thursday, January 1, 2015

Joining the 30 in 30 Challenge - Outta My Head

Happy New Year!

 I've decided it's time to take up Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 Challenge for this January 2015! In case you are not familiar with it, the idea is that all 1,137 artists (so far) will be taking up the challenge of painting and posting for 30 days consecutively. (Yes I'm starting late, but who's counting?) Leslie's advice is to have a theme to paint from and mine will be:

 "Outta My Head"....because maybe I am, and also that's how I'll be painting! The rules I've decided on for myself are these...

1. All paintings will be done from my mind's eye...
2. I can refer to a photo or landscape for a maximum of 10 minutes before beginning to paint, but not     once I've begun.
3. I can use any approach regarding value or color or medium.

Each  painting will be posted on Leslie's Blog which you can visit or get a daily update by signing up for my daily email update at the top of this blog. For all of you participating, I look forward to seeing your work and good luck to us all! My first painting will be posted on Jan. 2. Let the games begin...! Pin It


Helen Moreda said...

You are brave. And you will do a great job. I will be watching!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Still laughing - you used the same words my hubby said to me when he saw I was doing the challenge.
Way to go , Mary...memory painting is so much easier/harder!

Sandy Sandy said...

Glad you are taking the plunge too Mary! Sounds like a great theme too. Love this piece. Great colors!