Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scottsdale Art School, Daniel Keys workshop- Day 2

Still life by Daniel Keys

 Today at the Daniel Keys workshop at SAS, we had a second demonstration. It began after a bit of review and discussion about varied methods on ways to approach your initial set up. He relies on painting subjects he likes, regardless of whether they 'go together' in a typical subject, design or color scheme. This still life added yellow squash and sunflowers to the mix of apples and drapery. He does not begin all his paintings using the same methods. Today was as follows...

1. Sit for 10 minutes thinking about process. Envision what the finished painting will look like.
2. Begin a brush drawing using careful measuring and placement.
3.A block in for each light and dark value area, using local color with thinned paint and loose edges.
4. Gradual building up of thicker paint, varied soft and hard edges and detail.

While I am including photos, (above) I strongly recommend that you go to his Facebook page to see some of his own painting photos. Also, his DVD's are terrific!

Below, are 2 photos of my own efforts...the first being yesterday's study and the second is my start on today's set up, with (hopefully) a finish tomorrow.

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hmuxo said...

Wow!!! What a workshop! Your painting is coming along so beautifully, Mary! Please show us the finished painting! I will be visiting his website!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

How neat to read about your experiences in the workshop. He is quite the young master isn't he?
Love what you are producing.