Monday, November 17, 2014

Daniel Keys workshop- Scottsdale Art School- Day 1

fruit still life by Daniel Keys

This week I'm in Scottsdale,AZ taking the Daniel Keys workshop. I expected marvelous painting demos and his generous teaching,. But in addition, I'm enjoying the unexpected humor, energy and approachable style he brings to the class. Today, he covered the basics of good painting in a way that was interesting, and direct, without sounding tired or repetitious (even for this retired art teacher).

There was a short painting demonstration this morning (above), where he showed one of his several methods of beginning a work. Today it was basically laying down local color for each of the light and dark value areas of each of the fruit shapes in the still life. He worked with edges a bit and talked about color, and value matching for the most part. The class painted in the afternoon from set ups of fruit and draping. I tried to concentrate on the right match and not just settle for being close! A temptation for all of us sometimes. I will post my own tomorrow as I didn't get a photo.

I'm hoping we'll paint some flowers tomorrow, but meanwhile the painting below is a floral I did from last spring.
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Rose Garden                oil on linen              9"x 8" Pin It


hmuxo said...

It's always such a treat to see your paintings, Mary. I'm glad you re-posted this gorgeous floral. It sounds like you found the perfect workshop...I look forward to seeing some of the work soon!!!

Victor Errington said...

A lovely painting Mary. Beautiful colours. All the best.
Vic. 260

Anita HartCarroll said...

Thank you for sharing your experience! Attending a Daniel Keys workshop is on my bucket list!